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Kalibu Ministries Malawi (Africa)


KALIBU UNIVERSITY OF DIVINITY AND REVIVAL is under construction and will be a four year program leading to a Bachelor degree in Divinity. The University will be exclusively for international students and will be based in Blantyre, Malawi, Africa.


This is no ordinary University but a strategic apostolic-based University to train a new generation of men and women to be thoroughly equipped for AGGRESSIVE KINGDOM ADVANCE in the nations. Most Christians at all levels are blithely unaware that something calculated is happening in the heavens. The Lord is preparing to pour out the former and latter rain as prophesied by Joel for the greatest visitation of the Lord upon planet earth and the church is largely ill-equipped to handle such a visitation. As the Church Age began, so it will also finish and there is desperate need for a fathering generation of thoroughly trained and equipped vessels both in the Word and the Spirit to harvest and teach disciples.

The Holy Spirit is going to challenge all who will attend Kalibu University OF DIVINITY AND REVIVAL to live radically for Jesus so that students learn how to establish dynamic TERRITORIAL GOVERNING CHURCHES OR MINISTRIES wherever they might go and whatever they might do. “Taking territory” is reaching such a place of authority in the Kingdom that the individual believer becomes the “strong man” and fulfills the dictum of Jesus, “The meek shall inherit the earth.”

Graduates will go forth TO THE NATIONS to establish earth shattering ministries that will change the entire destiny of those nations and regions. This will not be about setting up another church or orphanage or ministry but about KINGDOM authority expressed through territorial rule. Such territorial rule will be declared through that local church, orphanage or ministry.

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